OUT-GOING Blues keeper Frank Fielding has laid the blame for Paul Lambert's resignation firmly at the feet of the Wanderers board.

The 20-year-old on-loan Blackburn Rovers glovesman was quick to point the finger and says Wycombe's loss will be someone else's gain.

He said: "He'd had enough of taking all the gip and it is a boardroom error for me."

The England U19 international said: "He has been forced out by people above and it has been hard for him. He didn't say any names but we know who it is.

"The club have made a massive mistake by letting him go because he is going to manage a top team eventually.

"Last year he got the club into the League Cup semi-final, this year it was the play-off semi-final and in another year he could have really pushed the club on.

"Everyone loves him to bits and I tell you now half the players who are in the dressing room now won't be here next season.

"Everyone who has joined this club came because of him."

And he warned the people who did not fight to keep Lambert that their decision will come back and bite them.

He said: "He will get another job somewhere, probably two leagues above and Wycombe's loss will be someone else's gain. It is a sad day because the club have lost someone who could have taken them forward."

Wanderers managing director Steve Hayes told the Free Press: "The players have got to have someone to blame. It's the sign of a good manager that the players are so upset to see him go."