SKIPPER David McCracken fears Wycombe could have a player mutiny on their hands after the club failed to persuade their most successful manager since Martin O'Neill to stay.

Paul Lambert quit his Chairboys hotseat on Tuesday after making it public on Saturday that he was considering his future.

McCracken was one of 12 players Lambert recruited last summer and he persuaded his family to swap their roots in Scotland after being wowed by Lambert's vision.

The club captain said: "It's a big downhill step for this club.

"He is a great person and a great manager.

"He was the biggest reason why I came down here and I'm not alone in saying that.

"The biggest reason I came down here has now left.

"A lot of players came here for one reason and that's the Gaffer and now he's left that may change things for some players.

"The club has got some great players, great facilities and it is a club that should be on the up.

"He's told us it's got nothing to do with the players so looking from the outside in there has got to be another reason.

"And his leaving makes me question which way the club will go now.

"You look at his record over the past two years and it speaks for itself and that is down to him and his coaching staff."

McCracken's words and support for the boss carry extra resonance because he has been dropped by Lambert recently.