On Saturday the 21st of January I went to watch Watford fc vs Rotherham. I wanted to share my experience to you reading this article.

First, I got in the car with my mum, grandad and his friends to go to Watford. There was a bit of traffic, as people were going to the match. We parked in the car park and started to walk to the restaurant for some food. When we got to the restaurant it was very busy, luckily, we found a table and got some food and drinks. I got a tikka masala and a Pepsi Max. 

We got to the stadium (Vicarage Road) and we scanned our tickets to get in the stadium. We got to our seats and we waited to watch the game. The players walked out and I heard chants from either end. The atmosphere was amazing and a very end - to - end match. In the 20th minute of the match Rotherham scored and the away end went crazy! Shane Ferguson scored and celebrated with his teammates. There was a handball in the penalty area but the referee didn’t see it, so they carried on playing. It was then half time and you could hear boos around the stadium. I had a quick snack in the break and some water.

Another fan Lisa Taylor said “The atmosphere was amazing”

The second half was then underway. Watford were on the counter attack and then, from out of nowhere, Joao Ferreira shot and it went in the bottom corner. The crowd went wild and we are back in the game. There was loads of chances either end and it ended in a draw.

We started to head home and we were talking about the game.