Wycombe Wanderers have confirmed that their season ticket prices for the 2024/25 campaign will be the ‘same standard price as before’.

The Chairboys, who are now under the ownership of Georgian billionaire, Mikheil Lomtadze, revealed the cost of a season subscription on May 24, whilst also outlining what the money will be spent on.

For an adult aged between 26 and 63, the most expensive season ticket is £514 in the Frank Adams Stand, whilst the cheapest for someone in that range is £362, if you opt to stand on the terrace.

Bucks Free Press: The season ticket prices for the 2024/25 season at Wycombe WanderersThe season ticket prices for the 2024/25 season at Wycombe Wanderers (Image: NA)

The cheapest price for a child aged 11 or under at £39, if they were to sit in the Family Stand.

Fans can also pay for their season ticket on a monthly basis.

A segment on the club’s website reads: “We’re facing rising costs across the business, but our commitment to keeping you alongside us on our journey means that – where possible - we don’t want to pass these costs on to you at this time.

“Instead, we’re keen to generate new revenues by attracting more fans to become season ticket holders, by holding the best possible price.”

The club also spoke about the new Sky Sports deal for the upcoming season, which will see numerous EFL games across the country be streamed via the service.

This will mean the 3pm blackout will come to an end.

Bucks Free Press: The season ticket prices per monthThe season ticket prices per month (Image: NA)

The club continued: “We recognise that the new Sky Sports television deal means it’s likely that our fixture schedule could be more variable than in previous years, as a consequence of more games being broadcast than ever before.

“This – coupled with the availability of live streams online or on TV - might tempt you to stay at home for some games, which is why we’re eager to ensure you retain the best possible value for money, with a season ticket representing up to seven games free for adults, and between nine and 15 games free for children, compared to buying individual match tickets.

Bucks Free Press: What the season ticket money gets spent onWhat the season ticket money gets spent on (Image: NA)

“Whereas in previous years the club has issued an early bird discount on season tickets, there is just one consistent price on season tickets throughout the summer, as we recognise that fans may wish to wait until closer to the start of the season to make their purchase dependent on the fixture schedule and television selections, and not feel rushed into buying before these are known.”

The league season will start on August 10.