A man from Milton Keynes says flying to a Euros fan zone in Germany cost him just 74p more than going to one in the UK.

Callum Ryan, 23, a TikTok creator known for his videos about travelling on a budget, headed to a fan zone - a dedicated fan area near the pitch - in Germany, where the European Championships are currently happening, last month to show other England fans how cheap and easy the trip can be. 

He booked a two-hour flight with Ryanair from East Midlands Airport to the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport - costing £32.95.

When he touched down, Callum bought a €4 tube ticket to Berlin city centre, where he met a friend and explored the sights of the German capital.

Before heading out, the 23-year-old compared his projected costs to the entry price for the fan zone at Box Park in Shoreditch, London.

Tickets to Box Park cost £32.21 while German fan zones are free - meaning Callum spent just 74p more to fly cross-country to watch the football than if he had stayed on his home turf.

He said: "My plan was to go there for a day and experience the fan zone and the city.

"I bought a meal deal which cost me €8 for a hotdog and a bottle of beer, which I'm pretty sure is cheaper than a pint in London.

"My friend Louiz from Berlin showed me around all the different fan zones in the city, and we also did some shopping.

"The atmosphere (in the fan zones) was amazing. The people were all in good spirits and it felt exactly like when we held the Euros back in 2020."

Callum didn't watch a game over there but there were lots of activities going on in and around the fan zone including food vans, bars and interactive games, as well as a big screen for when the matches were on.

In total, the 23-year-old spent £32.95 excluding food and drink on a flight to Germany, which is only 74p more expensive than a ticket to the Box Park fan zone in London.