WANDERERS chairman Ivor Beeks has urged fans to back Steve Hayes’ proposal and says without him the club would be in the Blue Square League and facing financial ruin.

Beeks has been Wanderers’ chairman for the past 21 years but he says he is happy to relinquish the reins to wealthy managing director Hayes who has been the driving force of the club since its conversion to a plc five years ago.

Beeks said: “I’m putting my shares on the table and not expecting anything for it. I just want to see the club survive and move onto the next platform.”

And he is convinced Hayes is the right man to take the club forward He said: “I’m passionate about this club and I wouldn’t put my name to anything if I thought it was detrimental to the club.

“We are trying to go to the next platform to make sure the survival of the club is secure and that the heritage is still protected.”

He admits he had a few doubts when Hayes first started showing an interest in the club but says the businessman has more than proved himself since coming on board.

He said: “The guy has made one hell of a commitment over the last five years. He’s shown his colours by the money and the time he’s given the club and by the way he talks to people and his openness.

“Without him I think we may have gone into liquidation and be in the Conference or below.”

He believes with Hayes on board and given time, Blues could realise his long-standing dream of bringing Championship football to the town.

Beeks said: “Supporters have got to look at what’s he’s prepared and put together. It is a good deal for the club and it protects our future.”