BLIND Janice Newman completed last Sunday's Wycombe Half Marathon two years after breaking her leg in a skiing accident.

The all-action 60-year-old from Eastcote, Middlesex, completed the course, attached by a piece of string to her guide and friend Wendy Earl.

They completed the 13.1 mile course side-by-side in a time of two hours, 23 minutes and 26 seconds.

Newman, who started losing her sight when she seven, decided to take up the challenge when she turned 60 last year. They were hoping to do the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon in August but turned their attention to Wycombe when that was cancelled.

It was her first half marathon for more than ten years and her best ever time is one hour and 38 minutes for the Harrow Half Marathon.

She has also run the London Marathon twice in 1988 and 1990.

Newman said: "People say that I'm an inspiration but I certainly haven't set out to inspire anyone.

"I feel a bit tired now but I'm glad to have had the run and to complete the distance.

"It's hard running when you don't know where you're going but Wendy has much more work to do than I have. She has to have enough energy and breath left to tell me that we are going up a kerb or whatever and it is a lot of extra pressure on her.

"I'm lucky that she is very careful and a good guide although she did tell me to go left when I should have gone right at one point."

Her guide Wendy, 52, from Prestwood, said: "Janice is faster than me. I think I slowed her down a bit. It's difficult but we go at my pace and I keep my eyes peeled and tell her when things are coming up.

"The last three miles took it out of me because it was so hot. We will do some more runs together but I think we will have a rest first."

l Mick Curry pushed his son Phil all the way round the 13.1-mile course in a wheelchair.

Phil, 17, sufferers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, has no speech and is totally dependent on his father, but that hasn't stopped the Stratford-upon-Avon duo from racing all around the country.

It was their 149th race together and that total includes 14 full marathons and 89 half marathons including four Wycombe Half Marathons.

Mick, 47, said: "It's what we do. We love doing these events and this is a great race to take part in.

"Everyone is really good around the course and with the Wycombe race, you know that if you get over the first hill you can do anything."

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