WYCOMBE Wanderers and Wasps want to build their new stadium in Booker, owner Steve Hayes said last night.

An official announcement is due to be made tomorrow, but Mr Hayes told a fundraising event: “For us it's going to be at Booker...and it's going to be called the Booker bid.”

The Wycombe Air Park site in Booker was expected to be the clubs' preference.

The event at Adams Park last night was an auction and dinner to raise money for flood victims in Pakistan.

Mr Hayes added: “The council are going to public consultation at the moment. We need your support, but don't do it for us do it for you... this is for the community."

Referring to Adams Park, the current ground for both clubs, he said: “It works here for a little bit, but nothing like it's going to work at Booker.”

Wycombe District Council is backing the ground move plan and has pledged £750,000 for a consultation to find the preferred site.

Leader Lesley Clarke said last week that people should not assume the council shares the club's view about the preferred site.

She has accused Liberal Democrat councillors of 'peddling lies' by claiming the Air Park was the council's chosen location in July.

The council has longlisted 19 sites and a consultation is currently in progress, with a decision expected in the New Year.

According to a financial report, the new stadium will cost more than £67m.

A document looking into the costs of a new shared ground for up to 20,000 supporters, prepared by financial advisers Grant Thornton, shows the total which, if it includes a 'sports village' as well, could cost beyond £88m.

Wycombe MP Steve Baker was also at the fundraiser last night and urged residents to take part in the consultation. He said: “I don't doubt the stadium will be controversial... there's no doubt that whoever has the stadium built next to them will be affected.

But he said the project is “exciting” and said of Mr Hayes: “I know how sincere Steve is about his commitment to the community.”