DANNY Foster was happy to be back in his normal position on Saturday – but wasn’t happy with his side’s performance.

He started at right-back for the first time since November for the 2-2 draw with Northampton Town, after a run of 14 starts on the opposite flank from the last 16 matches.

But Foster was less happy with his side’s performance as they had to come back from 2-0 down to snatch a point for the second week running.

He said: “It shows great character but we are not happy with it because it’s giving us a mountain to climb all the time.

“If we start better in the next game we won’t have such a mountain to climb. We don’t go out there to not start well, we don’t want to come in at half time and be behind. If we can start better and start brighter it stands us in good stead for the rest of the game.”

The 26-year-old praised the form of fellow right-back Marvin McCoy, who played the last 19 games in his place.

Foster said: “Marv’s been brilliant, he’s probably unlucky today he hasn’t played because he’s done really well. We’ve got a good squad and if you’re not pulling your weight someone’s ready to come in and take your place.

“It felt nice being in my natural position. Playing left-back was a fresh challenge. I’m a right-back and I’ve only ever played a handful of games at left-back.

“With Sands [left-back Andy Sandell] getting injured and me being out the team the chance came up and I just tried to go for it and do my best. It’s gone quite well but as long as I’m playing I’m happy.”

The former Brentford and Dagenham man said the banter had been flying between him and Sandell as the Blues’ regular left-back made a comeback from a serious ligament problem.

He said: “The only thing Sands said was ‘I don’t mind playing left midfield but I hate it out there’. He’s a left-back, he wants to play there.

“There was a little bit of banter but he’s back in his slot so hopefully we’ll see some performances.”