SHAUN Edwards has been linked with any number of high profile jobs since returning from the World Cup, where he helped guide Wales to the semi-finals.

England could be his next port of call, but there is no doubt Wasps will be the poorer without his unique and highly successful approach to coaching.

Director of rugby at the black and golds Dai Young said: “Shaun would enhance any environment that he’s in.

“I don’t see him ever being a negative in any environment.

“He is a top quality coach and his record speaks for itself.”

However, while Wasps should perhaps be applauded for not standing in his way as he looks at bigger and better things, there is almost certainly a degree of penny-pinching behind the decision to let one of the most respected coaches in the world leave before time.

Young, who found in the uncomfortable position of answering questions on behalf of the club and explaining decision he did not make, said: “Shaun has come back [from the World Cup] with a number of opportunities.

“There is lots of speculation out there and I’m sure he’s in line for many jobs so it’s probably cleaner for everybody that we announce it today [Wednesday] to allow Shaun to sit back and look at the next challenge.

“He has been instrumental, but at some stage everybody feels they could do with a new challenge.

“The last three years haven’t been that successful so both parties feel perhaps it’s the right time.

“This club has nothing but respect for him and I have nothing but respect for him. It’s an amicable split. There is no bad feeling either way.”

However, Young did hint that he wouldn’t be happy with a head coach who was job-sharing.

He said: “I think you can combine in certain roles, but I think it’s very difficult if you’re head coach.

“From my point of view, a head coach would have massive input into the structure, the way you play the game, the recruitment. That’s very difficult if you’re not here.

“What Shaun has done in the past speaks volumes for the coach he is. But it’s very difficult to drop in and out of things.

“But that’s not my decision.”

Meanwhile, Young admits he’s unlikely to get any of the money freed up by Edwards’ exit.

He said: “Shaun is completely separate. The staffing budget is completely separate to the playing budget.

“If [Simon] Shaw goes that would give us a little bit of money to get a replacement, but as everybody knows there aren’t loads of international players unattached out there.”