GARY Waddock’s has started the charm offensive in a bid to convince Martin Jol and Fulham let Marcello Trotta stay at Adams Park a bit longer.

Trotta netted a hat-trick in yesterday’s 3-1 win over Exeter, taking his tally to six goals in four games for Blues, but he’s due back at Fulham on January 14.

However, after already getting one extension to the original loan deal, Waddock is hoping to repeat the trick in the coming weeks.

He said: “We were very, very fortunate to get him. We knew we had to address our frontline in terms of goals and we thank Fulham and Martin Jol for allowing him to come here.

“The second month hasn’t run out yet but we’ll have to go back to Fulham when it does. Hopefully it will continue for a little bit longer.”

And Waddock insists it’s a win/win situation.

He said: “If he’s playing first team football that’s got to help him. For his development it’s going to be very good for him.

“He’s adapted very well to this level. The goals he’s got have been outstanding and his confidence levels will be very high.”

Trotta said: “I just want to think about doing well and scoring more goals in the next couple of games then we’ll see. But when you play first team football it’s amazing. It can’t get any better, I don’t think.”