NINE Chalfont Otters will have front row seats at the Olympic Games this summer after seeing off competition from around the country to work with the best swimmers in the world at London 2012.

They were chosen this week to be poolside at the Aquatic Centre, helping the athletes with their kit before and after races.

Club captain Nicola Twinning is one of those to earn a coveted place.

She said: “We’re going to be the people behind the blocks looking after the swimmers’ equipment.

“I’m really excited. We’re going to be right there and will be able to see it all first hand. It’s going to be quite unreal to be so close to the action.”

The Otters won their place as Young Games Makers at a rigorous selection event at Canary Wharf last month, when nearly 1,000 hopefuls competed for just 80 places.

Twinning said: “It will feel like we’ve got quite an important role.

“We’ve got to try to be invisible, we’ve got to be in time and be efficient so it’s going to be quite stressful but I can’t wait.”

The Otters are one of nine teams selected and as yet they don’t know which teams they’ll be working with.

But between them they will be covering all the swimming sessions during the Games so they can expect to be given a fair workload.

And they’ll get a taste of exactly what’s expected of them in March when they go through a dress rehearsal at the British Trials.

The trials, also taking place at the Aquatic Centre, will follow the schedule of the Games to the minute in a bid to give the British team the best possible preparation.

Club chairman Chris Huggett said: “We’re really proud of this team, they did the club proud, got up and showed what they were capable of under pressure, and fully deserve their chance to be part of the greatest show on earth.”