BEN Smith will watch the 2012 Games in a few weeks, but this time in four years it might be a very different story.

The Wycombe boxer has already been tipped for an international career by his club coach John MacInnes.

And now it seems that the powers that be in the sport agree with him.

England coach Paul Cook has invited Smith to a four-day Team GB trial in Sheffield in September.

The purpose of the trial is to identify boxers between the ages of 16 and 21 who they can develop for the Rio Games in four years.

MacInnes said: “They said they have been very impressed with Ben’s performances for both High Wycombe and England and shows plenty of promise, and that it was credit to our club for his achievements.

“Ben has always gave the club 100 per cent commitment and we are all very pleased by the way he is maturing into a very good role model for the younger boxers.

“He has not once let his achievements get to his head and remains as eager as ever to continue to learn.

“Also, the club has been blessed with the arrival of my fellow coach Adrian Moco, who has brought in new training methods that has helped the young squad progress their talent.

“He brings us the international boxing experience we need to help push forward and be one of the top clubs not only in the home counties but the whole country.

“The whole squad is benefiting from his work.”