CLAIRE Davis will forever have a porthole into one of the greatest achievements in British sport.

Bradley Wiggins became the most decorated Olympian in British history when he won gold in the time trial on Wednesday, just over a week after becoming the first Briton to win the Tour de France.

And slap bang in the middle of those two feats Wycombe’s Davis caught up with the Knight-in-waiting halfway up Boxhill.

As a Gamesmaker, Davis has been assigned to the Mexican team as a personal assistant and translator, and last week one of her roles was driving up and down Boxhill all day in the support vehicle for cyclist Ingred Drexel.

Davis said: “When she caught up with Bradley Wiggins she was so excited, she rode up alongside him and they had a good chat.

“She wanted a picture but didn’t want to ask him to stop, so we drove in front of them and we all took photos out of the back.

“I remember she was riding alongside us saying she was so excited that she’d just met Bradley Wiggins she didn’t know what to do. Her coach told her to concentrate on her own race.”

It’s just one glimpse into a day in the life of a Gamesmaker at London 2012.

Davis said: “All applications had to be in by October 2010, so it was a long time ago that I started thinking about it.

“I applied for anything to do with languages and then forgot about it for a while.”

Speaking Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swahili and Russian, Davis was given a six-week role with the Mexican squad, based right in the heart of the Olympic village.

She said: “It’s way more exciting than I thought it would be. Yesterday Mexico won two medals in the diving so the office has been electric.

“And from where I’m sitting I can see all the athletes walk past in their country’s tracksuits. Everyone is so friendly and stops to say hello.”

For Claire, the experience will be all the more special next week when mum Edna joins her in the Olympic Park.

Claire said: “We were supposed to start two and a half weeks ago but then dad passed away. He knew we’d got the job though and he laughed when he saw our uniforms, they’re not very attractive.

“So this is something me and mum can share. I could’ve gone to the opening ceremony but wanted to be with her so I came home and we watched it on tv together.

“But I did get to be part of the Czech team during technical rehearsals!”