ALEX Danson wanted an Olympic gold medal more than anything else.

The Wycombe star gave up almost three years of her life to get one but that dream was dissected in about an half an hour at the Riverbank Arena on Wednesday, August 8.

If anyone missed it, Team GB were beaten 2-1 by Argentina.

They were 2-0 down after 30 minutes and although Danson herself gave the hosts a chance with her fourth goal of the Games, it wasn’t enough.

Danson, 27, said: “We went into full-time preparations two and a half years ago. We made no secret of the fact that we were always aiming for that gold medal and we desperately wanted to be in that final.

“Anyone who saw that semi-final would have seen how devastated we were to have lost.

“It’s the worst feeling I’ve ever had.”

But, what Danson will remember most is what came next.

Despite the crushing disappointment, she and her Team GB team-mates managed to pull themselves together and refocus in time for their third-place play-off against New Zealand.

They won 3-1, with Danson again on target again, to earn hemselves an Olympic bronze.

She said: “In sport, you’re on top of the world one moment and on the edge of a cliff the next.

“To go from rock bottom to winning a medal was the best feeling in the world, but there was no way we weren’t coming away with a medal.

“We wanted gold, but I love my bronze medal now. I wouldn’t swap it for anything.”

Danson hasn’t weaned herself off the Games just yet though.

She said: “The Paralympics has been amazing. I’ve just thrown myself into watching and supporting and the atmosphere has been amazing.

“London 2012 was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m so proud to have been a part of a home Games and it’s been such a privilege being part of Team GB.”

Danson begins a six-week shift as an Athlete Mentor as part of the free Sky Sports Living for Sport initiative next week.

Apart from showing off her medal, Danson will use sport to inspire and motivate pupils at schools in the South East.