A former MMA champion from High Wycombe has changed codes and is looking forward to his first title eliminator in the world of bare knuckle boxing.

Martin Thorne is due to fight at the O2 on January 13 and is new to the sport having competed in the MMA for years.

He is looking forward to a shot at the title in the new year. He said: “I was in professional MMA for nine years but I really wanted to make the change.
“Bare knuckle boxing is such a respectful sport. The company who arrange it, Ubbad, are the only legal BKB company in the world and it is owned by Joe Brown and Jim Freeman Dove. 

“Everyone fights and shakes hands after and when you get hit and get back up the crowd will you on.

“Myself and my coach, John MacInnes, from the High Wycombe Warriors, have been working hard towards this title event and we are really looking forward to getting out there.

“With the new regime, it really does feel like I am starting again. So far I have had two fights, winning one and losing one but the loss was to the Commonwealth champion. I can’t wait for January now.”