Chiltern drew a dramatic game with Diss after a long trip to Norfolk saw them gain a point with a 22-22 score.

Diss went off like a rocket and rather caught Chiltern cold producing an energetic performance that yet again highlighted the fact that when playing at their best they can compete with the more accomplished sides in the league. 

The Diss forwards maintained their grip on possession and it was no surprise that they scored their third try which although unconverted gave them a 19-0 lead.

It was at this point that Chiltern woke up and made it 19-7 at the break.
Poor alignment and execution in defence meant that Chiltern scored a second try again by Kenyon which he also converted, thus reducing the deficit to five points. 

A third Chiltern try for Jack Kenyon with 15 mins to go brought the scores level as the conversion was missed.
The last 10 minutes was pretty even and after a penalty apiece and with Diss hanging on for dear life the game finished in a draw which overall was probably a fair result.

A really wonderfully competitive game ended with honours even.