Beaconsfield’s winning season continued on Saturday with a convincing 50-5 win over local rivals High Wycombe. 

The match began well for both sides, Wycombe played the early stages in mid field with Beaconsfield searching out possible attacks. 
Eventually they broke through with a well worked move between the backs and forwards giving Joe Brawn opportunity to open the scoring just wide of the posts 0-5.

A well positioned Ryan Morgan out on the wing took his opportunity running the ball over on the left for the second try, Aled Lewis converted touching the post on its way through 0-12. 

Next the Wycombe full back was caught in possession by three Beaconsfield players who quickly enveloped him and Chris Creak quickly put the ball over the line with Lewis converting, the score was now 0-19 and a noticeable gap was now developing.
Wycombe replied with an interception pass at the end of the first half, 5-19.

The second half began with the forwards forcing the ball over on the left hand side with finally Callum Wilkinson getting the ball down for his try which was unconverted by Aled Lewis 5-24. 

Changes were then made and within minutes Dru Labri who had just come on took a quick pass and ran the ball in behind the post for his first try 5-31. 

Wycombe at this point were playing well particularly in their backs but sometimes tried to do too much losing the ball frequently.

Beaconsfield’s backs were running the ball well in the third quarter and Freddie Pugh took the next chance with a smart pass from Aled running strongly on the right for a clean try 5-38 with a textbook conversion. 

Labri followed it up with a second try from a clever move in the backs ending up under the posts 5-45, he finished his tally with a third try minutes later 5-50

Wycombe had played well and contested the ball until the end of the game but had been undone with the relentless attacks from the Beaconsfield backs who produced a rampant victory.