A south Bucks mental health charity has said Blue Monday creates ‘damaging misconceptions’ about depression and has launched a campaign to bust the Blue Monday myth.

Today, January 18, marks the third Monday in January which is believed to be the most depressing day of the year.

However charity Mind is highlighting that depression is a condition that can affect anyone any day of the year with its Twitter campaign #BlueAnyDay.

Buckinghamshire Mind’s Chief Executive, Andrea McCubbin said there is no credible evidence to suggest that one particular day increases the risk of people feeling depressed.

She said: “Blue Monday contributes to damaging misconceptions about depression and trivialises an illness that can be life threatening.

“1 in 6 people will experience depression during their life. It can be extremely debilitating with common symptoms including inability to sleep, seeing no point in the future, feeling disconnected from other people and experiencing suicidal thoughts.

“There are of course certain things that may make people feel down at this time of year, such as post-Christmas financial strains, broken New Year’s resolutions, bad weather and short daylight hours. However, depression is not just a one day event.”

For more information visit www.bucksmind.org.uk