Apple has launched a life-saving iPhone feature in the UK that goes live this week.

The new feature allows you to call emergency services with no phone signal.

The Emergency SOS via Satellite can help you when you find yourself without mobile signal or WiFi.

The feature was announced earlier this year, and hit the US in mid-November, but it finally launches in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany this week.

The feature works on all iPhone 14 models running iOS 16.1 or later and includes a “demo” version so you can learn how to use the feature before you need it.

Bucks Free Press:

An Apple spokesman said: "Emergency SOS via satellite can help you connect with emergency services under exceptional circumstances when no other means of reaching emergency services are available.

"If you call or text emergency services and can't connect because you're outside the range of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, your iPhone tries to connect you via satellite to the help that you need."

Emergency SOS via Satellite is free to use for two years after you activate it on your phone.

Apple has yet to announce how much it will cost after that.

To try Emergency SOS via Satellite on your phone, make sure you are using an iPhone 14 of some variety and are on the latest iOS.

Make sure you have Location Services turned on, then open settings and tap Emergency SOS, then Emergency SOS via Satellite.

You should then be presented with an option that says ‘Try Demo’, at which point on screen instructions will direct you through the demo without actually calling emergency services.

Apple said: “To learn how Emergency SOS via satellite works, try the demo.

"You need to be outside, on relatively open terrain, with a clear view of the sky. Trees with light foliage might slow down the connection and dense foliage might block it.

"Hills or mountains, canyons, and tall structures can also block the connection."