FIRE engines rushed to the home of rock star Ozzy Osbourne when a faulty lamp started a blaze in his hallway.

The emergency services were first alerted to the blaze by an automatic fire alarm, which went off in luxury mansion in Welders Lane, Jordans, at 7.25am on Thursday.

Three minutes later they received a 999 call to say there was a fire at the house - which is home to Ozzy, his X Factor judge wife Sharon, and their three children Amy, Jack and Kelly.

Between eight and ten members of staff were in the house when the fire started but it is believed that Kelly was the only family member staying at the home at the time.

Fraser Pearson, a spokesman for the Bucks Fire and Rescue Service, said: "We believe a call was made by a member of staff at the house."

Engines from Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross, accompanied by an ambulance, rushed to the scene to contain the fire in the star's entrance hall.

Mr Pearson said: "Fortunately we were alerted to the fire quickly enough that it did not spread. There was some fire and smoke in the hall and a bit of smoke through the house."

No one was seriously injured although two people were seen by the ambulance service after breathing in the smoke.

The commotion came to end at around 8.15am, when the emergency services left the Osbourne's home.