A man from Hazlemere was shot and injured in the Tunisia terrorism attack yesterday after it is believed he tried to run away from the gunman who reportedly killed 38 other holidaymakers.

UPDATE: family say terror victim could be home within a week, as more details emerge of the terrifying attack.

John Metcalf, 43, has had an emergency operation and remains in hospital with his girlfriend now by his side after she was forced to look for him amongst the dead bodies of people killed on the beach, fearing he had been murdered.

His mother, Pat Metcalf, has told the Bucks Free Press that all his family and friends are desperately trying to find out more information about his condition after they discovered the horrific news this morning.

The 71-year-old from Chalfont St Giles said that along with girlfriend Jo Coles, also from Hazlemere, the pair had been in the Riu Imperial Marhaba Tunisia resort since Wednesday but became separated as the hundreds of guest tried to escape from the danger on Friday morning.

She added: “I think they were round the pool and I think they heard a lot of what they thought was firecrackers.

“Then they realised it was guns being fired and then they all ran to go into the hotel, and his girlfriend was in front.

“She went up to the room and when she got there John wasn’t there. And it wasn’t until today that we’ve learned he’s been shot.

“I don’t know whether he’s been shot in the back or the chest but they’ve done an emergency operation on him.

"I just want to know how seriously ill he is, how seriously hurt he is. Whether it’s near his heart – I just don’t know.

“Jo, the girlfriend, rang my eldest son and then he has rung me to let me know and since then we haven’t heard anything else. She was going to the hospital when she rang.

“She had to go round looking at dead bodies to see if John was one of them and then obviously there wasn’t so someone took her to hospital and there John was in hospital."

The terrified mother added: “I feel sick, I keep crying, I can’t eat anything, I didn’t sleep last night. It’s the not knowing.

“It’s not just my family, other families, you go on holiday to have a good time and they’ve been looking forward to it and this happens.”

The couple both worked at the Co-Operative store in Park Parade, Hazlemere.

Manager Stefan Burrell said: “They both work here and we’ve heard a bit about it, it’s obviously a worry for everyone. All I can say is head office are looking into it and will do all they can to try and help.”

Bucks Free Press:

The Co-Operative in Park Parade, Hazlemere.

So far it has been reported that 38 people were killed-eight British. However, Prime Minister David Cameron has warned the public to be "prepared for the fact that many of those killed were British".

Scotland Yard today said police travelled to Tunisia to help investigate the killings and officers are also interviewing tourists returning at British airports.

Holiday firm Tui, which runs the Thomson and First Choice brands, said that a number of those who died were its customers.

According to the Press Association, the gunman was a 23-year-old Tunisian aviation student who had disguised himself as a tourist and began firing at holidaymakers on a beach using a gun he had hidden in a beach umbrella.

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