A 43-year-old man who was shot in the Tunisia terrorism attack yesterday has regained consciousness, and his family say he could be home within a week.

John Metcalf, from Hazlemere, has undergone emergency surgery and remains in intensive care after the gunman who slaughtered 38 holidaymakers shot him in the stomach as he tried to escape alongside his girlfriend.

His mother Pat Metcalf earlier told the Bucks Free Press how the family were desperately trying to find out more information about his condition, while his partner Jo Coles stayed by his beside.

However, it is now believed that he is awake and talking less than 48 hours after he went through the terrifying ordeal.

His older brother, Simon Metcalf, said: “The first Jo heard was that he was in a local hospital in Sousse and he’d been shot and has undergone surgery and at that point he was on a ventilator in recovery.

“She then went to visit him, seen him and spoken to the doctors. John was actually shot in the stomach, just to the side of his belly button.

“I’m not sure if the recovery was to sew a hole or to actually remove the bullet, but while she was there he was taken off the ventilation machine and he has come round, and is aware of his surroundings and that she is there with him.

“They are going to keep him more in the intensive care side to closely monitor him, after that they are going to move him to another ward on the hospital.

“And, after all that, if they think he is making a speedy recovery then he could be out in about five days at which point they will assess him to see if he is fit to travel home.”

He added: “It is an emotional rollercoaster, you feel so helpless here not being able to do anything.”

Having spoken to Jo, Simon Metcalf has attempted to recall the events at the Riu Imperial Marhaba Tunisia resort on Friday afternoon.

He said: “They were round the pool and they heard these loud of bangs, shots.

“They thought possibly it was firecrackers or something like that, but then they realised that it was actually a gunman on the beach who was randomly shooting people.

“At that point they all ran to the hotel building and at that point John and Jo, his girlfriend, got separated in the surge towards the hotel somehow he got left behind her, but obviously he got shot.”

Describing John, he said: “He’s got lots of friends, we’ve been inundated with comments of concern from Facebook and he’s a good lad, a hard worker and lots of friends.”

John worked at the Co-Operative store in Park Parade, Hazlemere, alongside Jo.

Bucks Free Press: Tunisian police officers at a hotel in Sousse where a terrorist attack took place (AP)

The Foreign Office has now confirmed that 15 of the 38 people confirmed to be dead were British.

Minister Tobias Ellwood warned the death toll was likely to rise and said it was "the most significant terrorist attack on the British people" since the London 7/7 bombings in 2005.

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