One of Marlow’s most popular bars have given the thieves who stole their sign an ultimatum.

Not long after Baroosh shut for the night in the early hours of August 23, assistant manager Ben Eden noticed that one of the noticeboards had been stolen outside the bar’s entrance.

And after looking at CCTV footage, it was revealed that two men had taken the sign at around the same time the bar were closing for the night.

Baroosh closes at midnight.

Speaking on Facebook, Mr Eden said: “To these two lovely young men.

“Please may we have our sign back from outside Baroosh, Marlow.

“I have some very nice footage of both of their faces.

“Bring it back and it will go no further."

Mr Eden then exclusivly told the Bucks Free Press: “Not long after we closed, I went outside to get the signs and noticed that one was gone and I was thinking, 'oh, we're missing one'.

“I checked the CCTV footage and saw what had happened so that’s why I went onto Facebook.

“I’ll give them around 36 hours for them to give the sign back because when you’re drunk, you do stupid things, so I want to give them a chance to put things right.

“If they don’t return the sign during that time, then I might go to the police.

“I don’t really want to go down that road, but the signs are not cheap to replace.”

Mr Eden then added on Facebook: “It’s 2019, we have humans Orbiting the earth, anything can be bought and delivered to wherever you are within 24 hours, and a 25/30-year-old steals...a sign.

“A bad use of CCTV these days would be not giving them a chance to just give it back with no ramifications.

“People make mistakes whilst drunk and thus sober people should be given a chance to fix those mistakes.”

Baroosh opened its doors in 2012.

UPDATE: Baroosh sign returned after thieves agree to ultimatum Facebook post