Thieves who stole a sign outside a popular bar in Marlow have now returned it.

Baroosh, who are based on the High Street, had one of their noticeboards stolen in the late hours of August 22, or in the early hours of August 23.

And following an ultimatum that was posted on Facebook by the bar’s assistant manager Ben Eden, the thieves swiftly returned the sign.

Mr Eden asked the two gentlemen who took the board to return it, giving them a 36-hour window.

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If it wasn’t returned in that time, the incident would have been reported to the police.

A spokesperson from the bar said: “After we realised that the sign was gone, we were disappointed, but we’re very happy it’s back.

“We never saw the sign get returned, but we noticed it by the side of the pub at around 3pm today.

“It’s just a relief we got it back because we only have two and they’re not cheap!"

The bar closes at midnight on Thursdays.

They opened in 2012.