Protesters have gathered in Great Missenden today to “fight the destruction” of a number of trees as part of HS2’s controversial road-widening project.

The campaigners have set up camp on the side of Link Road, close to the Buryfields Recreation Ground.

They are there to object to the widening of the roads, which they claim is being done to provide access for the vehicles helping preparatory works for the controversial scheme.

Alongside this, the group are also campaigning against the felling of trees in the village – which date back hundreds of years.

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One of the lead protesters, Alan Woodward, told the Bucks Free Press that the visible nature of the protest is to encourage more local residents to take a stand against the works.

Alan said: “We are here today in order to keep the trees and keep the road open as well giving local people the information they need to realise they can do this themselves.

“I was asked to come over here to inspire people to get out onto the streets and fight and resist the destruction.

“The support has been absolutely incredible. The horns have been beeping constantly since I first arrived here yesterday.

Fellow protester Andy Cordiner claimed that the developers had been “deliberately avoiding conversing with the protesters”.

He said: “HS2 have not listened to anyone. They are moving goalposts and changing dates, changing arrangements.

Mr Woodward went on to accuse HS2 of leaving people “destitute” as they continued working.

The government was urged to halt the work by Bucks County Council, MP Dame Cheryl Gillan and angry residents, who signed a petition against the scheme in their thousands.