An HS2 spokesperson has released a statement to the Bucks Free Press, in response to the protests against the project currently taking place in Great Missenden.

Campaigners have set up camp on the side of Link Road, close to the Buryfields Recreation Ground.

They are there to object to the widening of the roads, which they claim is being done to provide access for the vehicles helping preparatory works for the controversial scheme.

Protesters gather in Great Missenden to 'fight the destruction' of HS2's controversial road-widening project

Alongside this, the group are also campaigning against the felling of trees in the village – which date back hundreds of years.

The HS2 spokesman said: “As announced by government at the start of the Oakervee review, limited preparatory works on the project will continue in parallel.

“The haul road at Great Missenden will allow us to take construction traffic off local roads and limit disruption to the community.

“One of the biggest challenges facing this country is climate change and road and air travel are significant contributors to this.

“The most effective way to cut transport carbon emissions in the UK and improve our air quality is to invest in rail, including HS2.

“This is the only way we will get people out of their cars, off domestic flights and take lorries off our congested roads.”