The people of Marlow expressed their anger at Red Kite’s public consultation, regarding their proposed plans to build 12 new houses on Foxes Piece.

Held at Liston Hall on October 22, people from all over Marlow came to the Chapel Street venue to share their frustrations over the housing association’s plans to build on the site.

One resident, who lives on Foxes Piece said: “This is a disgrace. This is a shambles.

“The whole parking situation is not being dealt with because Red Kite are refusing to listen to the facts that there are 45 residents’ cars using that rear car park which is where garages used to be, which is what you use to put your car in.

“It’s awful.”

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Another resident who attended the consultation said: “Any displacement of parking on Foxes Piece will impact me directly as a businessman and resident.

“I have no parking at my house.

Parking is ridiculously short in Marlow, there have been two independent surveys over the last 15 years or so saying that the residents need more parking.

"They say that car park spaces are needed but the council are not doing anything.

“They just keep removing the spaces and it’s got to stop.

“My business suffers from lack of parking and so often, people can’t park and are late for their appointments so you can’t keep building new houses.

“I’ll be putting my objections forward and I was slightly disappointed to see the feedback form which states ‘if you support’.

“This is cleverly worded as there is nothing negative to fill in.

“It’s all about 'positive feedback' and I don’t want to give 'positive feedback'. I want to give negative feedback.”

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On the day, around 30 people attended the consultation with some residents being relatively positive of the proposed plans.

The plans consist of six one-bedroom flats, six two-bedroom flats and 40 car park spaces. 

This is the second time Red Kite have tried to get planning permission at Foxes Piece, but their first attempt was rejected in April 2018 by Wycombe District Council due to ‘parking disbursement and flooding’.

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Steven Brooks, who is one of the architects on the project said: "What we’ve looked to do is that we try and take all the challenges that are on the site, and three of those problems are flood issues, adjacent buildings and car parking.

"We’ve managed to resolve the problems with one and three by lifting the building off the ground. The building is on stilts which will free up space for car park spaces."

Marketing and communications manager Julie Gamble-Kempe said: “It’s difficult to please all the people but what we want to do is get people to understand that affordable housing in this area is very important and that’s what we want to achieve, by producing quality homes for people in the area who need them.

“If the plans were to go ahead, we suggest that people talk with the County Council and try and speak to them about parking.

“We don’t own the roads around this site, so we can’t be responsible for the parking.

“We understand that there is a parking issue in Marlow and it’s something that needs to be looked at by the County Council, so we suggest people contact them.”