A shop that sells non-alcoholic alcohol in Marlow believe they are the only shop in the UK that specialises in the beverage.

Phil Coles, who runs the No and Low Alcohol shop on Marlow’s High Street, offer a wide range of beers, wines, spirits, gin and premixed cocktails amongst other alcoholic drinks, which have either a percentage of zero or 0.05 per cent.

The shop officially opened in the town in July this year but have seen a boom in sales during this Christmas period.

And after a successful five-week stint in the town last Christmas in a pop-up shop, Phil hopes with now a permanent shop in the town, the No and Low Alcohol shop will be a beaming success.

Bucks Free Press:

The shop has a wide range of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks

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Mr Coles said: “We were in Marlow last Christmas in a pop-up shop just two doors down, and we were only here for five weeks and it was very much a test to see what would happen.

“There’s a lot of interest among consumers in no and low alcohol and they have been very badly served historically in pubs but also in shops.

“The industry has woken up and everyone is jumping up on this opportunity.

“And historically, the product has been out there but has been hidden.

“Consumers are either trying to drink less alcohol, some people want to cut it out, some people don’t want to drink anymore, some people do it lose weight and some people do it for medical reasons

Bucks Free Press:

The shop opened in July this year

“So, there is a lot of different people who are interested in this sector.”

The shop also sell drinks which their own unique twist, which includes organic cola and a number of fruit drinks which are supposed to have a number of health benefits.

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These benefits include having healthier ingredients being put into the drinks.

Mr Coles added: “There’s lots of products, there’s lots of interest but the problem is that there is no real place to buy it.

“We are by nature importers and distributors of products, one of which was a non-alcoholic product called Pimento which is a ginger beer.

“Nothing in this shop is more than half a per cent and under EU law, that can be considered as alcohol free but in English law, it has to be less than 0.05 per cent.

Bucks Free Press:

The No and Low Alcohol shop in Marlow

“Supermarkets are starting to sell it, pubs are starting to sell it, but we’ve decided to take the lead on it.

“That’s why we are specialists, and I don’t think you’ll find anywhere in the United Kingdom, a shop like this, or as big as this or as good as this, and it’s going incredibly well.”