A man who lives in Marlow has pleaded with the public to ‘stop going out’ after he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Matt Dockray, 39, who is originally from Wakefield, revealed on Facebook that he is currently in intensive care and that he has been ill ‘for weeks.’

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In his emotional post, he wrote: “It has taken quite a while to write this post and wanted to do so for one main reason.

“I’m currently in ICU and at one point given a small window of survival, as my lungs are failing and awaiting my time to be sedated and put on a ventilator.

“I have been ill for three weeks.

“A small cough on the day I watched [Aston] Villa at Wembley [in the League Cup Final], chills, fever and headache as we opened our new venue in London.

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“Day by day I felt hungover but carried on like a true hero, ignoring every bit of family advice.”

After speaking to doctors, Mr Dockray was told that he might have had a seasonal virus.

However, over the coming days and weeks, he became increasingly ill and one point, he didn’t leave his couch for five days, where he was ‘struggling to stay awake and breathe properly.’

He continued: “It took two hours and still no answer from 111 - each day it got worse.

“Finally, my wife couldn’t listen to me anymore and called an ambulance.

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“Within an hour I was blue lighted into a military operation where doctors in Hazmat suits told me that they thought I had Covid-19 and I was critically ill.

“They were going to call my wife and family and explain that I would have to be put to sleep onto a ventilator, as my lungs were failing and would be going into respiratory arrest.

“For those of you who know me, I like a challenge and from that moment, [I] have been fighting with every breath on the promise that until I pass out, I’m to stay awake to fight this with everything I can.

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“I wouldn’t wish this on any enemy.”

To read Matt’s full Facebook post, click here.