There are some major plans set to renovate St Leonards Church in Chesham Bois.

The two sites will become one large site - all existing buildings will be demolished, with the following new builds:

The 'Parish Centre' consisting of:

  • A large (275 people) hall to be used for church services & gatherings with the intention of an 'all week' presence;​
  • Additional multi-purpose hall to replace the existing Village Hall with an additional capacity for 100 people.
  • Offices for St Leonard's Church and Chesham Bois Parish Council, including meeting rooms;
  • Church led cafe.
  • A new enlarged Rectory and 1 additional home for Church staff
  • A separate building for Maryland Day nursery;
  • Prayer Garden;
  • Car parking for 72 cars, accessed via Glebe Way.

The cost is estimated to be around £5 million.


The site is owned by and is to be developed by the church, not the Parish Council.

St Leonard's Church is an Anglican, Evangelical & Charismatic Church.

The project management company working with the church to develop the site are Habitat for Humanity.

The plan has received much support but also much criticism.

'Concerned' residents from Amersham and Chesham have formed a campaign against the works named Chesham Bois Common & Surrounding Area Campaign.

Their main objections are as follows:

  • "The size and intensity of the development is huge. It is not simply a replacement Parish Centre – it is a new Church, to include extra buildings.
  • This unprecedented large-scale development will be located in the heart of the Chesham Bois Conservation Area; it will impact all Chesham Bois residents.
  • It undermines the distinct character of The Conservation Area and promotes the spread of urbanisation – it does not preserve or enhance The Conservation Area.
  • The proposed buildings could hold around 400 people, which would result in an increase in traffic, with the incremental increase in light / visual / noise/ air pollution issues
  • Inevitably, parking will spill out on to the surrounding roads, given there are only 72 permanent parking spaces on the site and create a major safety issue.
  • This will be an active site, with 7-day week worship, leisure and business activities both day and evening; it will greatly alter the nature and tranquility at the heart of the village.
  • There is an existing St Leonard's Parish Church on Bois Lane - what has been done for this church building to be adapted to twenty first century worship? Will it become a relic with the relocation of church services to the new worship hall development?"