The people of Bucks have reacted to the news that there will be a £30 fine if certain individuals don’t follow the new lockdown rules.

The Government announced on Monday, March 23, that Britain will be in an unspecified period of lockdown as the country continues to battle the coronavirus.

However, photos and videos have emerged on the internet of people not social distancing.

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On Tuesday, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: "The Prime Minister issued a clear instruction on behalf of the Government on the actions the public are required to take to help prevent the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.

"As with existing laws, the overwhelming majority of the public can be expected to follow the rules without any need for enforcement action.

"We would expect that compliance to begin immediately."

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Following the news, the people of High Wycombe and the surrounding areas believe that the £30 fine is too low.

Chris Rochdale Fitton said: “In my opinion, if the child is under 16 and in a gathering with friends, it [the fine] should be given to their parents.

“As a parent, it’s still our responsibility to make sure our kids are safe and stay home.”

Julia Guildford agreed with Chris by saying: “The parents are responsible for their kids.

"Shouldn’t be letting them out in the first place.”

Richard Braiden then added: “[It’s] too low of a fine and raise it up like the French and start patrolling the A roads."

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Asif Nasar said: “It should be a £500 quid fine. Used as a deterrent.

"The fear of loss definitely isn’t anywhere it needs to be.”

Noelle Wright said: “Wish it was more. I’m sure it will be very soon.”

Michaela Jane White believes that the fine is ‘too low’ and that they should be ‘higher so it’ll be less likely for people to break the rules.’

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Aaron Leanage said: “Far too low, I have a few friends living in Sarajevo in Bosnia.

“Their fine is €600 which is approximately the average monthly income over there.

“Nobody and they mean nobody is going out unnecessarily.”

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