A former parliamentary candidate for Wycombe is doing her bit to get businesses and schools to donate pieces of equipment to the NHS.

Toni Brodelle, who is a member of the Liberal Democrats, is encouraging schools across Wycombe and beyond to give away surplus items such as masks, goggles and gloves to help those working on the frontline.

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So far, the Wycombe High School and the Royal Grammar School in Wycombe have got involved, and she hopes more will follow soon.

Both schools have supplied masks, goggles and gloves to Wycombe Hospital.

Ms Brodelle, who is a teacher by day, told the Bucks Free Press: “The Government is trying to get what they can but there’s no way that the NHS would have these stocks in reserve as we’re not geared up for a pandemic.

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“This is very unprecedented and as I work in education, I know that schools have got this kind of equipment.

“There are also other companies that might have similar equipment such as vets, those who work in car body spray businesses, manufacture companies etc – it’s important that everyone can help out as much as they can."

The idea came about after Ms Brodelle heard that a school in Luton had done a similar appeal, where schools in the area were donating their equipment to nearby hospitals.

This inspired her to do bring the appeal to Buckinghamshire.

And after tagging the Royal Grammar School and the High School in several tweets explaining the idea, the former 2019 parliamentary candidate hopes to start a chain reaction in the county.

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She continued: “I would love it if everyone can get involved.

“This has not happened before in our lifetime and even in our parents' or grandparents' lifetime, nothing like this has happened in this way.

“I don’t think anybody could have prepared for this.

“And I’ve never been prouder to be a teacher to be completely honest.

"When you go into education or when you go into a medical profession, you do it for a love of people.

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“And that means when people are struggling you stand beside and this is what this is about, we’re standing together.

“This is about community and helping one another and stand beside another.

“I can’t imagine sitting here and not doing anything.”

For more information, contact Toni on Twitter (@ToniBrodelle).