A Bucks-based Balloon company has come up with a unique way to continue their work whilst the country is in lockdown due to the coronavirus.

B Loony, which is based in Chesham, is using collaborative robots to work alongside a skeleton staff to keep their production line moving.

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The company’s new way of working through the pandemic helps keep the staff safe and is in line with the Government’s social distancing rules.

Andy MacInnes, commercial director at B Loony said: “Four years ago, we took the decision to invest in our first collaborative robot to work alongside members of our existing team in order to increase productivity as the business expanded.

“It was important for us that we kept the staff engaged in the process and took them with us as we used technology to carry out some of the more repetitive, time-consuming tasks which include sewing promotional bunting and making burger flags.

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“Over that time, they have enabled us to significantly increase our capacity and efficiency and have been a vital investment for the business.

“We now have eight robots working alongside a skeleton staff and they have really come into their own and be one of the key reasons that we have been able to keep production lines going.

“The co-bots are allowing us to fulfill contracted orders from larger clients so that the business can continue to operate until we can start full production again when restrictions ease.”

B Loony was established 40 years ago and are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of printed balloons and suppliers of promotional products, including paper flags, bunting and banners, with some of their clients including McDonald's and Costa Coffee.