One of the founders of Kyrece’s Legacy has urged people to ‘fight the temptation’ when it comes to swimming in the River Thames.

Due to the hot weather the country has been enjoying recently, many people across the county have been seen entering various parts of the famous river, which includes the stretch that goes through Marlow.

Tracy Chamberlain, who helped set up the charity to promote water safety following Kyrece Francis’ tragic death in 2014, told the Free Press that swimming in rivers is ‘not worth the risk.’

She said: “The statistics for 2018 showed that 585 people drowned [in the UK].

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“That is a huge number and most of them are accidental and some of them didn’t go out with the intentions of going into the water.

“I think typically for Marlow and the River Thames, the Thames has got a current and that current shifts.

"A lot of people go in thinking they’re strong swimmers but they’re constantly swimming against the current.

“This really is not worth the risk.

Bucks Free Press:

The Marlow stretch of the Thames

"And I think there is a temptation when the weather looks beautiful and the river looks absolutely serene where it looks like it will not do any harm."

The charity was set up following the death of 13-year-old Kyrece Francis.

The teenager, who attended Great Marlow School, drowned on July 22, 2014 after getting into trouble on the River Thames when swimming with a group of friends.

The tragedy happened on the first day of that year’s summer holiday.

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Following Kyrece's death, his friends set up the charity to promote water safety in Buckinghamshire and beyond.

They have done this by giving talks to schools and arranging events during Drowning Prevention Week, so that students are more aware of what to do if they find themselves in that position, either as a person drowning or if they were to see a person struggling in the water.

And following Kyrece’s passing, several safety units which have been named in his memory, have been situated across the Marlow stretch of the Thames.

Tracy continued: “I think people who are quite good at swimming, might think that it’ll be no different to a swimming pool but there is because there is cold water shock, your muscles can seize and it’s a different environment.

“I understand that swimming pools are closed so there is going to be an even bigger temptation to go in, but all I urge is for people to stay out of the water as you don’t know what’s underneath.

"But as soon as Kyrece passed, schools in Buckinghamshire have really upped the education in swimming.

"For example, Wycombe Leisure Centre swimming teachers go into schools to give talks.

"Last year we [Kyrece's Legacy]  teamed up with Wycombe Leisure Centre to put on water safety lessons in the pool for anyone in the community, and we will be supported to do this again this year by Court Garden Leisure Centre and Marlow RoundTable once current restrictions allow."

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