More people have reacted to the news that Marlow’s pavements will be one-way for pedestrians.

The temporary system came into play on Monday, June 1, with its aim to protect residents when out in the town whilst abiding to the current social distancing rules of being two metres apart.

The initial idea was met with a mixed reaction.

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However, on Friday, June 5, many people have questioned whether or not the scheme will work.

A Facebook user posted in the Marlow Life Facebook group: “Whilst queuing in traffic in town today (June 5), I couldn't help but notice how few people were following the yellow arrow one-way system.”

Bucks Free Press:

One of the signs in Marlow

This started a debate amongst those who live in the town with the verdict still being spilt on whether the signs are a good idea.

One Facebook user said: “I myself find it a ridiculous scheme.

“Doesn't help anyone and only creates confusion.

“You are at risk walking behind someone that sneezes so why one-way

“If you can't keep one metre distance, wear a mask – easy.”

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Someone else added: “I had to come out of Strawberry Grove today [June 5] to go to my van several times.

“If I had to follow the signs 100 per cent, I would have had to walk to the Crown and back about 12 times.

“Stupid concept.

“PS: No-one I saw today adopted the arrow route, but people were very sensible enough to step away from each other.”

Another user added: “It’s a crazy scheme.

“We are not sheep, we are people and I wholeheartedly disagree with this level of ‘control’ when we are outside.

“I will be walking where I choose to walk.

“Someone has to say it.”

Yet despite the backlash, some other very supportive of the idea.

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One Facebook user said: “It’s a good idea and I saw people trying to follow it but what we also have to keep in mind is that to follow the arrows depending on where you’re going that involves crossing a busy road.

“Risking your life in an unsafe road crossing completely defeats the purpose of the initiative.

“So, yes, you will see me taking a few steps to the opposite direction coming from my place, if the road isn’t busy, to find a safe crossing spot.

“As someone said, this is advisory not mandatory and we should try and use it as much as we can and be courteous and let other ppl pass if going opposite direction.

“But that’s just being considerate right?”

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Someone else added: “I always follow the arrows…some people don’t care.”

Finally, another user added: “Considering the impact this virus has had and us having on so many people.

“People should show some common decency, think of others and follow the system that's there for a reason...or go somewhere else!”

It is not known how long this measure will be in place for.