A petition has been launched to widen the pavements in Marlow as lockdown is starting to be eased.

This comes after Marlow Town Council announced at the end of May, that pavements on the High Street will be ‘one-way’, to help residents be safe when out and about.

However, after the temporary measure began on June 1, it has been met with a mixed response as people have been seen respecting the new rules, whilst others have not.

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The petition to widen some of the town's pavements was started by Marlow resident Frank Schoofs.

The petition reads: “As pedestrian numbers increase, the advisory one-way pedestrian arrangement in West Street, Spittal Street and the High Street will, for many, not feel Covid secure.

“As a result, it will not help our town centre and our shops recover from the lockdown.

"We call on Marlow Town Council and Buckinghamshire Council to temporarily widen the footpath in large sections of the Marlow High Street and West Street to allow for social distancing and safe passing in two-way pedestrian traffic.

“This would bring the following three key benefits:

1. "It would allow people to walk at different speeds, including those with reduced mobility, while maintaining flow and social distance, without having to step on the road, creating dangerous situations.

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2. "It would take away the pressure and stress on people, either to remain in line or having to cross in unsafe places, making people more inclined to visit the shops that are open.

3. "It would allow for safe queuing outside shops, without having to worry about people passing by.

“Similar solutions are being implemented in London, York and Reading using experimental Traffic Regulation Orders, which require less red tape and time.”

The petition was created on June 1 and needs 500 signatures before it is sent to both Marlow Town Council and Buckinghamshire Council.

It currently has 345 signatures.

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To see the petition, click here.

We have contacted Marlow Town Council for a comment.