The coronavirus death toll in Buckinghamshire's care homes has not risen in the most recent week, new figures reveal.

Office for National Statistics data shows that 381 deaths involving Covid-19 were provisionally registered in Buckinghamshire up to June 20.

Of those, 167 occurred outside hospital – including 150 in care homes and 11 at private homes. A further six deaths occurred in hospices, other community establishments or elsewhere.

That was no higher than the number of deaths in car​e homes at the end of the previous week.


The latest coronavirus figures in Buckinghamshire

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The latest figures, based on where Covid-19 is mentioned anywhere on the death certificate, include deaths that occurred up to June 12 but were registered up to eight days later.

Care home residents had accounted for 39% of all Covid-19 deaths in Buckinghamshire up to June 20.

Across England and Wales, 48,795 deaths involving Covid-19 were provisionally registered up to June 20. Of those, 30% were in care homes and 63% in hospital.

In the week ending June 12, there were 1,114 deaths across the two countries which mentioned the coronavirus on the death certificate – the lowest number of Covid-19 deaths for 11 weeks.

In the week to June 20 in Buckinghamshire:

Deaths outside hospital increased by one, climbing to a total of 167

Hospital deaths increased by six to 214

The overall death toll climbed by seven, compared to a rise of five in the previous week