More teenagers have been spotted climbing on the roofs of buildings in the Marlow High Street.

One member of the public said they saw around ‘six to seven teenagers’ on the evening of Tuesday, July 21 on top of several buildings.

This comes after the youngsters were seen doing the same thing at the end of last year and at the start of this year.

READ MORE: Teenagers spotted climbing rooftops on Marlow High Street

A local resident revealed on the Marlow Life Facebook page: “Just caught six to seven teenagers all over the roofs above Boots/M&Co and the back of Sainsbury’s.

“They scarpered pretty quick when they saw me there and I shouted a few obscenities at them!

“Not sure what the businesses are there but make sure you shut and lock your windows!

“Might be worth asking whoever owns the iron steps leading up to either put a gate, security light or camera up.”

READ MORE: More teenagers spotted climbing rooftops on Marlow High Street

Many people shared their discomfort about the news, with Marlovians expressing that this was not the first time it had happened in the town.

Speaking at a Chamber of Commerce meeting in January, secretary Jo Braybrooke, said: “This is very serious, dangerous and worrying because the rooftops on the High Street are not necessarily going to be strong enough for people to be on top of them.”