The people of Marlow have shared their opinions after a driver was caught doing 60mph on a 30mph road, despite a lack of signage.

Mr Vince O'Hanlon, who runs three businesses, was banned from driving for 28 days and had to pay a fine of around £800, after he believed that the Parkway road in the town, which leads from the motorway to the Globe Industrial Estate, was a 60mph road, rather than a 30mph road.

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He thinks that the lack of signage by Parkway is a ‘cash scam’ to catch motorists.

Speaking to the Free Press last week, he said: “There is a motorway barrier on the right-hand side, and if you’re going through a 30mph road, you would know it.”

He also told the judge when he was receiving his punishment at the start of the month, that he would happily pay for 30mph signs to be painted on the road.

The punishment for Mr O’Hanlon has caused a lot of debates within the Marlow community on Facebook.

One motorist said: “Parkway needs proper speed signs.

Another driver said: “He [Mr O’Hanlon] has a point.

“It wouldn’t cost much to put some signs up.

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“If it was truly about ‘safety’, signs would be there.”

This driver said: “He [Mr O’Hanlon] is spot on.

“It’s not clear or obvious and a few signs would help a lot.”

However, some were not so sympathetic with Mr O’Hanlon.

One motorist said: “Has everyone developed amnesia about speed limits on lamppost roads?

This driver said: “The 30mph limit signs are on the road as you come off the A404 roundabout before you even turn into Parkway - so once you are past them, you are in the 30mph zone.

“Why would you think it had gone back to 60mph when there are no signs to indicate that?”

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And this motorist added: “There is nothing to indicate it is anything other than a 30 limit.”

If drivers are unsure on the speed limit rules when it comes to lampposts, they are suggested to look through the Highway Code.