The people of Marlow have praised the town’s doctors surgery after several members of staff were the subject of alleged abuse.

The Marlow Medical Group (Marlow Doctors) on Victoria Road put out a lengthy Facebook post on September 20, explaining that receptionists had been ‘sworn at’ and that ‘items had been thrown’ across the surgery by patients.

The social media post was met with sympathy by those who live in the area.

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One Facebook user said: “The staff are working ridiculously hard and are doing their very best.”

Another said: “These sure are difficult times, but I want to thank you all at Marlow Medical group for all you are doing.

“Well done.

“We are blessed.”

This person said: “Thank you for all your work to all concerned, particularly at this difficult time for all in the medical profession.

“I welcome the opportunity to get a consultation through different routes, as demonstrated with the flu jab process, which was impeccable and done within 10 mins end-to-end."

At the time of writing, 41, 862 people have died of Covid-19 complications in the UK, and with the winter months to come, medical experts as well as the Government are predicting a similar situation to what we experienced in the spring could return.

This user said: “It is a sad situation when you have abuse from the public.

“The very people you are trying to help.

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“I think people forget that each of you have families you have to worry about, as well as the worry you must feel going into work under these terrible times.

“Add to that all the abuse it is a miracle any of you turn up to work

“I doubt the abusers would put up with it themselves.

“I for one appreciate all that you do and congratulate you.

“A patient, patient.”