Looking for things that go bump in the night or want to make contact with the other side? 

High Wycombe and the surrounding areas have their fair share of dark and ghostly tales, from World War nurses to maids and men in bowler hats.

These are the most haunted places in and around the town:

Loakes Road, High Wycombe

In the 18th Century, a young lady was killed in a horse-riding accident, her ghost is still said to haunt this stretch of road. 

She is said to be seen riding her horse along the road but vanishes when she reaches the gates to Loakes House. 

Wycombe Swan Theatre

Although a relatively new build, the Wycombe Swan Theatre is said by numerous mediums to be haunted. 

Next to the theatre is the Oak Room where a lady in Tudor clothes walks amongst the pillars and tablecloths have been found on the floor. 

Lights have been turned on, doors opened and a figure has been seen sitting in the circle who vanishes when approached.

Irish medium Sharon Neill visited the theatre and made contact with the ghosts, one of which was a male in a three-piece suit and the other a 'domesticated' lady. 

Chenies Manor, Chenies

Bucks Free Press:

King Henry VIII stayed here with his wives, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard in 1533.

The Manor also became host to troops of soldiers during the Civil War. 

Steeped in history the property is now home to the ghost of one of the Civil War soldiers, said to be seen nursing his wounds.

The soldier can be heard limping up and down the stairs and there are also said to have been thudding and eerie laughter heard by the staff in the armoury. 

Usual ghostly happenings also occur including doors opening and floorboards creaking. 

Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden

Bucks Free Press:

Both the Missenden Abbey and the Little Missenden Abbey Gatehouse are said to be haunted by harrowing ghouls

Now the Chiltern Private Hospital, it is said that if you sleep in a particular room on the Twelfth night in Little Missenden Abbey Gatehouse then you may live to regret it.

It has been claimed by past guests that there is an incredibly strong presence in the room which is quickly followed by a painful sensation of thumbscrews being applied.

The grounds and water meadows to the south of Missenden Abbey itself are said to be haunted by the spirit of a Monk.

The abbey was founded in 1133 by Benedictine monks and at the pinnacle of its success, Missenden Abbey became very rich; meaning that the monks enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle not in-keeping their vows.

It has been said that the ghost is said to be one of the sinful monks who has returned to haunt his place of sin. 

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