A new shop that focuses on handmade creations has opened in Amersham.

Quirk, which is a family-run business, opened to the public on October 3 and is currently based on the town’s High Street.

The concept of Quirk came during lockdown when the Tanner family called each other on Zoom.

The topic of conversation turned to all of the different things the family members had been making during the spring months and after showing off their creations, they came up with the idea of launching a small shop to sell their quirky goods.

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Some of Quirk's contributors are new to creating handmade products, while other contributors have been honing their crafts and selling their products for over 40 years.

The entirety of the shop's product range is made by different members of the Tanner family; from products made by owner Dean, his wife, and their children to items created by his father, sister, cousin, and niece.

Some of the items that are on sale in the shop

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Dean Tanner, who launched the shop, said: “Seeing the whole family come together to collaborate on such an incredible project was amazing to see.

“It was wonderful to be able to bring everyone together despite being separated by hundreds of miles due to the lockdown that was in place.

“Quirk incorporates creations from our entire family; from my dad’s woodturning, my daughter’s handmade baby clothes, my sister and niece’s candles/beauty products, and my cousin’s artwork.

“Our product range is extensive and is a real testament to the diverse range of skills at our disposal.

"From resin crafters like my youngest daughter, and accessories designers like one of my middle daughters, to knitted creations, everyone has their own skill to offer.”

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Some of the items that are on sale include homemade hair bows, makeup bags, wax melts, and potted plants.

Quirk also has a vintage sweet corner, where several sweet jars are available to purchase. 

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/QuirkFamilyLockdownCreations.