A Bucks village has been dubbed a racetrack by residents who fear there could be a “serious accident” from vehicles speeding through it.

Residents in Coleshill said vehicles were ignoring the official diversion for the closed A355 Gore Hill and driving through the village to avoid the closure.

Fiona Bowers, 48, who lives in the village, said: “Over the last couple of weeks the village has been like a racetrack.

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“They are often travelling at speed through a village with narrow roads and no pavements.

“So far, I have nearly been run over while walking single file in day light, and I witnessed a lorry overtaking a school minibus at speed.

“Other residents report countless other problems including roads being blocked by HGVs, verges destroyed, fights and shouting.

“There have been minor accidents, and one requiring an ambulance, every day at the bottom of New Road.”

She told the BFP villagers had contacted Buckinghamshire Council which has now installed traffic lights on New Road, but says the lights have only eased the flow of traffic on New Road rather than stopping the amount of traffic going through the village.

Ms Bowers added: “There is definitely a risk to life. There is quite an old population in the village – if someone had a heart attack, they wouldn’t have been able to get an ambulance in because lorries have blocked single track roads and cars won’t move out of the way.”

She is pleading with drivers going through the village to be more considerate and, failing that, is calling on the council to have more enforcement, such as laying speed traps.

She added: “The residents on Tower Road have been really worried about pulling in and out of their drives because they can’t get out sometimes, they can’t get their children out onto the road to cross over to the cricket pitch.

“I’m just concerned that going forward, if these sorts of things are going to continue to happen – because they haven’t even started boring on HS2 yet, it’s only initial works – the village is going to get destroyed.”