Warning - video features strong language

A shocking video which appears to show a police officer telling a YouTuber who was filming High Wycombe police station to show his ID or “f*** off” before handcuffing him is being investigated.

Thames Valley Police say they are “reviewing” viral video footage posted by YouTuber koleeberks on November 28, which shows him being confronted by two officers outside the Queen Victoria Road station.

The video – which has been watched more than 61,000 times - allegedly shows the two PCs inside a police car asking the male who he works for and if he has any identification.

Koleeberks, who describes himself as a citizen journalist, explains he is carrying out an “audit” – a movement made popular in America which involves photographing or filming a public space in a bid to promote “transparency”.

One of the officers then appears to tell the social media user he cannot film, adding: “Unless you can give me some ID you need to f*** off”, before they both get out of the vehicle.

The footage reportedly shows the officers then grab the man filming, sending his recording device flying to the ground, and say they are detaining him.

UPDATE: This case is now with the Independent Office for Police Conduct - read the full story

As they put him in handcuffs, they tell him to “relax” – but when the YouTuber says: “I won’t relax, what is this all about?”, an officer seems to respond by saying: “You f***ing will relax, trust me.”

One of the officers then appears to knee the man in the back in the struggle.

At around two minutes and 20 seconds into the 11 minute 50 second video, an officer is seen picking up the recording device from the floor and the rest of the video is blank – but the sound is still recording.

The officers then say they are searching the man recording using powers under section one of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, adding that the terrorism threat in the UK is severe and that he is being detained “on suspicion of terrorism offences”.

In a follow-up video, koleeberks, who initially refused to give police his details and get into a police vehicle, said he was arrested under section 50 of the Police Reform Act 2000 and for obstructing a police officer and taken to Aylesbury Police Station and strip searched.

Speaking to the Bucks Free Press about the videos, the anonymous video-maker said he has previously filmed at a number of different police stations, mostly in London, but he had never had a reaction like that from officers before.

He said: “There hasn’t been anything of that severity before, that was the first time. Just how this video has taken off shows that this was the exception.”

He added that auditing was a form of “civil activism”. He said: “It’s not a crime to film in a public place. My approach is non-confrontational. It’s somewhat a social experiment or a test. As taxpayers, we’re interested to see how they conduct themselves in situations of conflict, wherever it may arise.

“A reaction is sought but it’s not always a bad reaction. A lot of the interactions are negative – I don’t know if that’s because of the way I dress, my ethnicity. By and large, I’m respectful.”

The YouTuber said he would be pursuing a civil case against the police over the incident.

Since the video went live, dozens of people have slammed Thames Valley Police on social media, branding it “disgusting” and “appalling”.

A police spokesman told the Bucks Free Press: “Thames Valley Police has been made aware of this video by members of the public and is currently reviewing the footage.

“The man arrested was given a conditional caution for obstructing a constable for an incident that occurred while the man was in police custody, which was not captured in the video.

“The man has the provided the force with a written apology with regards to the offence of obstructing a constable.

“With regards to the other suspected offences, the man was released from police custody with no further action.

“It would be inappropriate to comment any further while the force is reviewing the footage.”