The people of Aylesbury have responded to the news that the town has been named as one of the worst places to live in England.

Following a poll on the satirical website ‘I Live Here’, the town was ranked at 18 on a list of 50, with contributors on the website describing the area as an ‘eyesore, concrete jungle’.

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However, whilst some Aylesburians have laughed off the news, some have come in with a passionate defence for the town.

On Facebook, April Trustcott Smart said: “What rubbish.

"Aylesbury has good shops, lots of green areas and before Covid, lots of community events and a terrific theatre.”

Michael Hession, who moved to the town from the USA said: “I came to Aylesbury from Los Angeles and I think it is lovely, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

Christy Charlesworth said: “At least it’s not a complete eyesore, and it’s got everything you need.

“There are tonnes of worse places.”

Zahid Muhammad said: “This is a shame - Aylesbury can't be that bad.”

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Conni Turner added: “I moved here from High Wycombe and only lived here four months and to be fair, I've not had any problems.

“In fact, people go out of their way to help me and are very polite.”

The poll was conducted by the website in order to find out what was the worst place to live in the country.

In total, 121, 681 people voted, with several online contributors leaving scathing reviews on the town.

Nearby areas such as Reading and Slough in Berkshire, Didcot in Oxfordshire and Luton in Bedfordshire were also named on the list.

However, not everyone disputed the outcome as some residents from the town agreed with the website's verdict.

Michael Garland said: “Couldn't agree more.

“Aylesbury is horrible.

“I genuinely can't wait to move out of it."

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Dorian Jeffrey said: “I grew up in Aylesbury.

“It is not the same anymore hence a recent move to the Norfolk Coast where people actually take the time to talk to you.

“Aylesbury wouldn't be the worst place to live, but give it a few more years and another million houses."

Here are the Top 50 worst places to live in England according to

1. Peterborough

2. Huddersfield

3. Liverpool

4. Bradford

5. Hull

6. Wakefield

7. Luton

8. Jaywick

9. Torquay

10. Halifax

11. Doncaster

12. Keighley

13. Castleford

14. Barnsley

15. Blackpool

16. Grimsby

17. Oldham

18. Aylesbury

19. Newton Abbot

20. Wigan

21. Swanley

22. Andover

23. Rochdale

24. Slough

25. Ipswich

26. Sunderland

27. Nottingham

28. Blackburn

29. Bolton

30. Aldershot

31. Middlesbrough

32. Croydon

33. Boscombe

34. Rotherham

35. Accrington

36. Stoke-on-Trent

37. Leicester

38. Burnley

39. Reading

40. Southampton

41. York

42. Brandon

43. Barking & Dagenham

44. Didcot

45. Northampton

46. Walsall

47. Chichester

48. Wolverhampton

49. Boston

50. Sheffield

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