The newly built castle, down Manor Road, has been recognised by many people all over Bucks - especially residents of Hazlemere and Penn and Tylers Green.

This distinctive home was commented on by many people who have seen the building whilst out walking in lockdown.

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Flags, turrets, and a wooden gate add a 'wow' factor to the castle - making sure many walkers remember the unique home.

One person on Facebook said: “I have really enjoyed watching it being built on my daily walks this year.

“A real talking point and good for them building something out of the ordinary."

A different user added: “Been great as we’ve watched it transform.”

Whilst someone else on Facebook added: “Absolutely love it. Fantastic craftsmanship and looks superb.”

One person even admitted to changing their mind on the castle after seeing it finished.

The Facebook user said: “During the building of this as I walked past I really didn’t like it.

“But, on our New Year’s Day walk it was all done and trimmed up, it looks amazing and very homely.”

Some members of the public were surprised that the owners got planning permission to build a castle on a local street.

Another Facebook user said: “They do say an Englishman's home is his castle but I'm not sure how this met planning regulations, especially the ones that state it must be in keeping with local surroundings.”

Others admitted that they would love to be able to see the work that has been done inside the castle.

A Facebook user said: “It is lovely and very well done from the outside and I would love to see inside.”