An abandoned car in High Wycombe has left a resident unable to park in her driveway since last July.

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Anna Jenkins has struggled in and out of her drive for seven months as a car parked on Rowan Avenue is blocking the entrance to her drive.

She is now having to park on the road after purchasing a new four-by-four that will not fit past the Vauxhall Corsa that has been left on the service road.

The car is registered to someone in Marlow and has been declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

Both the police and Red Kite have been notified about the vehicle which is currently being investigated.

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Anna Jenkins said on Facebook “It’s declared as SORN and has been blocking the entrance to my drive since July.

“I used to have a small car so could just about get through, however, it made getting out much more difficult.

“I’ve now bought a large four-by-four and there is no way for me to get through and I’m having to park on the road.

“If it’s your car I’d really appreciate it if you moved it.

“I’ve tried knocking on doors and calling the council already”