A pop star and social media influencer has given Chesham pupils advice on mental health, especially in lockdown.

Eleni C, who has opened for Little Mix at the Birmingham NEC Arena, also travels around country to give talks on mental health awareness as well as sharing her experience from the music industry.

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One of her visits before the coronavirus pandemic was to Chesham as she visited Chesham Chalfonts Community College.

She has also discussed how lockdown has affected her own mental health due to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in.

Through the internet and social media the singer has been able to continue to talk to students who are struggling.

She said: “During lockdown, I know that a lot of people have found it extremely difficult.

“I'm not going to shy away from the fact that I find this extremely difficult because I'm a people person.

“It's amazing that we have the facilities to do it over the Internet and social media.

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“I've had some of the students come to me via social media to ask me questions about either overcoming some sort of mental health issue or how to get started in a music career.”

Eleni is also partnered with several national and international charities who’s aim is getting young people talking about mental health.

She continued: “I've teamed up with Young Minds UK and also the mix, because I really, really want to raise mental health awareness.

“I believe that a positive and a strong mental health is the key to succeeding in life.”

Bucks Free Press: Pop star and social media influencer Eleni CPop star and social media influencer Eleni C

The inspiration behind this stems from the artist witnessing loved ones suffer from mental health problems in the past.

She said: “Growing up, I witnessed very close loved ones of mine suffering from mental health from addiction to depression.

“I always said to myself that growing up, if I ever had the opportunity to make a difference to somebody's life, to possibly help them to not go through a mental health issue, I wanted it.

“When the opportunity came to be able to combine the two things that I'm passionate about and I was so excited."

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A career highlight for Eleni was supporting Little Mix when she opened for the girl band in Birmingham, an unforgettable experience.

The singer said: “I was fortunate enough to get to perform at the Birmingham NEC arena.

“I remember walking up to the venue and I looked at it and thought ‘oh my god’.

“I'm actually going to be performing in here.

“It was such was such an amazing experience “

Her new single, Tug of War, is out on February 12.