Marlow residents have reacted to the new Star Wars set that has been built for an upcoming spin-off TV show on Disney+.

SEE PICTURE: Giant Star Wars set built in Little Marlow

The set is built alongside the Spade Oak nature reserve in Little Marlow and placed in a well hidden wooded area.

After The Sun newspaper said that villagers were "furious", residents have responded positively to the building of the new set.

In a Bucks Free Press poll, nearly 60% of voters said they were “excited” by the film set.

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Other locals were impartial to the new set as 30% of voters aren’t concerned as long as the area is returned to its original state.

One resident said on Facebook: “It's not really affecting the village itself, and if it brings in some much-needed trade for local businesses in these extremely difficult times perhaps it’s a small price to pay.”

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Residents also questioned if anyone had actually been making complaints.

Another added: “I wonder how many locals have actually complained?”

Whilst someone else said: “They've been on the site for months.

“Not heard about any complaints.

“In fact, I think many of us just kept it quiet and let them get on with it.”

Bucks Free Press: The set from a distanceThe set from a distance

Locals also pointed out that the set is hard to spot from the main road.

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One person said: “It’s not an eyesore, you can hardly see it from the road.

“It’s great for local trades."

A different person added: “I don’t see what the problem is.

“Growing up in Marlow there was always massive machinery on the site anyway.

“Plus it’s not really affecting anyone is it as it’s on the main road towards Bourne End.

“I think it’s great and will generate a lot of business for the area, as well as give Star War fans something to talk about!”